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August 18 -November 19 2023

Divinity/Femininity is the first US solo exhibition of the Zimbabwean contemporary artist, Akudzwe Elsie Chiwa whose multidisciplinary practice explores themes of migrant identity, femininity, and Afro-Feminisms. Chiwa’s exhibition reimagines erased histories and explores the question “do we have the right to define the divine?”

Divinity/Femininity is guest curated by Dominique Seneca and presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Special thanks to Jesse Hulcher, project lead art handler.


Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town
December .2020

Mambokadzi is built around the stories of my matrilineal histories and centred on the intimate space in which my grandmother, mother and I exist. It also seeks to recognize the collective space of Black womxn  through an exploration of the royal ancestral spirit Nehanda...


Smac Gallery, Cape Town
Curated by Heinrich Groenewald
September . 2020

Feminist Utopia

Ebony/Curated, Cape Town
Curated By Analesa Mangcu